Robotic Surgery


The daVinci robotic system has been around for 10 years in this country, but only in the last several years has utilization of this technology in complex surgeries seen a rapid increase. This device allows the surgeon to sit at a console and maneuver 4 robotic arms that hold various instruments or a 3D vision scope. This platform provides the surgeon much better vision and technical skill than standard laparoscopic technology, allowing for safer surgery and the ability to perform more complex cases laparoscopically.

Various general surgical cases can be done with the robot. The following list is representative, but not exhaustive.

Nissen fundoplication, repair of paraesophageal hernia, esophageal and gastric resections, pancreatic and biliary cases, adrenalectomy, living donor kidney removal for kidney transplant, splenectomy, and several different kinds of colon operations. In addition, the daVinci platform has been used to perform thyroid and parathyroid surgeries through an armpit incision rather than a neck incision to provide superior cosmetic results.