SurgOne, P.C. Self-Pay Pricing

99024 Post Op Follow Up Visit N/A
99213 Office Visit Established - Low Complexity $135.56
99203 Office Visit New - Low Complexity $166.73
99212 Office Visit Established - Low Complexity $83.84
99214 Office Visit Established - Moderate Complexity $192.32
46600 Diagnostic Anoscopy $183.18
99204 Office Visit New - Moderate Complexity $248.98
45378 Diagnostic Colonoscopy $275.71
31579 Laryngoscopy telescopic $175.73
99205 Office Visit New - High Complexity $328.70
45385 Colonoscopy with Lesion Removal $377.34
99202 Office Visit New - Low Complexity $73.01
99215 Office Visit Established - High Complexity $285.46
45380 Colonscopy and Biopsy $298.71
49505 Repair Initial Inguinal Hernia $789.90

The price reflected above relating to the top 15 procedures performed by SurgOne, P.C. has been developed by evaluating the net proceeds received by SurgOne, P.C. for the various procedures it performs. The amount set forth above is the approximate cost to be paid by a self-paid patient prior to considering any other circumstances or complications. SurgOne, P.C. makes no guarantees regarding the pricing. A final bill for services rendered may differ substantially from the above information. You may call the SurgOne, P.C. Administrative Office at +1 303-957-1310 if you would like more information regarding pricing.